Jennifer Blancas

Lab manager

Picture of Jennifer Blancas

Jennifer is a recent transplant from the lab of Britt Glaunsinger at UC Berkeley, where she had managed the lab since 2012. In another life, Jennifer received her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre (Univ of Central Florida) and became a Stage Manager for live theater for 15+ years. Later she attended the City College of San Francisco to receive training in Biotechnology techniques before joining the Glaunsinger Lab. All of those skills and experiences have translated well into the current role as a Manager for the Tagliabracci Lab. 

Jennifer is passionate about sustainability and “greening the lab” while serving the demands of the research. When not in lab, she is spending time with her family or singing karaoke out loud very badly.

Tagliabracci lab
6000 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75390